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Moonstone. One of the birthstones for June.

There are three birthstones associated with the month of June, they are Moonstone , Pearl and Alexandrite.

Lets talk about Moonstone with its beautiful sheen is a crystal that has long been considered as a sacred link to the moon and featured in lunar folklore.

Colour is Pearly white , cream, yellow, blue. Low grades of moonstone can be grey, brown, yellow to orange.

The Romans believed that the stone had the power to endow love, wealth and wisdom.

In ancient India, people thought that moonstone grew under the rays of the moon and therefore absorbed its mystical qualities.

Whilst in Sri Lanka it was believed that every 37 years waves influenced by the moon hurled blue moonstones onto the beaches. Hope I can be there to see that.

Many qualities are attributed to this crystal in its connection to the moon. It is thought to protect traveller’s at night, and is sometimes referred to as the Traveller’s stone.

Moonstone was used in the middle ages to treat consumption (on a waxing moon), for divination(on a waning moon), and to reconcile lovers ( on a full moon).

It was also believed that placing a moonstone in your mouth improved your memory. Wow I had better try that.

Moonstones belong to the feldspar family- the most common of minerals in the earths crust.

Feldspars are aluminium silicates, which attain their distinctive colours through the addition of other minerals.

Gem quality feldspars are amazonite, labradorite, sunstone and moonstone.

Moonstones as with the other feldspars are softer than those in the quartz family and need to be looked after a bit more carefully as they do chip easily.

Carry a moonstone in your hip pocket to allow the crystals influence to reach the stomach area and help the body to release excessive water.

The moonstone can be placed on the window sill during the waning moon, the moon’s rays will recharge it and attune the stones energy to the receding tides.

Increase your psychic power with moonstone.

Healing functions are –

Balances the body’s blood and lymph systems

Relieves menstrual cramps and other female issues

Stabilizes the emotions and releases tension

Enhances intuition and imagination

Relieves indigestion

Helps us empathize with others

So Moonstone truly is a wonderful crystal.


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